Dear SCADA community,

We are ATSCADA Lab – a member of Factory Digitization Solutions Join Stock Company (FDS Corp).

We are together building SCADA software solutions named ATSCADA and evaluated by these characteristics:

+ designed on .NET Component oriented Architecture (COA). These components can interact together in .NET IDE (Visual Studio, Mono, SharpDevelop …) so fast and professionally to generate SCADA applications: destop-based SCADA, web-based SCADA, cloud-based SCADA.

+ use all strong features of .NET framework to make them lighter and faster.

+ could be developed as .NET components so fast and easily.

+ are transparent with programming languages. You can use either C# or to code for advanced SCADA applications.

+ have plugin-based architecture for OPEN drivers support. This architecture helps us develop new PLC drivers for ATSCADA fast and easilly. ATDriver Server and OPC Server are the realtime driver servers supplying realtime data for ATSCADA.

+ are easy for developers to build total realtime ERP solutions.

Our works  have been presented at international conferences and journals.

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