S7EthernetClient Driver


Product Description

1. Feature

  • Reading the memory address of PLC Siemens directly:
    – Memory area I
    – Memory area Q
    – Memory area M
    – Memory area W.
  • Reading the addresses of each PLC memory address at a time, applicable to projects with multiple tags requiring realtime data.

S7EthernetClient Driver makes it easy to create SCADA projects without coding.

2. Application

S7EthernetClient Driver can be applied to many systems:

  • Environmental monitoring system
  • Manufacturing management system
  • Building management system – BMS…

>>> Link download S7EthernetClient Driver

3. Contact

If you are interested in S7EthernetClient Driver please contact hotline: (+84) 28 3842 5226 – (+84) 909 965 380 for advice.


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