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Server room is the data center for processing and archiving of every business organization. Therefore, the Server Room Monitoring and Alarm System is designed to ensure continuous operating conditions for the information technology system, providing standard environmental conditions such as ventilation, cooling, to ensure stable operation of the data center and to improve the life of the hardware is an indispensable requirement for every organization and enterprise.

It is the basis for production and business activities of business organizations are normal and continuous.

Server Room Monitoring Solution


PLCPi has done very well this. You know that PLCPi is like a computer – it is the “brain” that collects all the data at the inputs (sensors), which can be connected to display on the HMI. Then they control the other components at the outputs: activate sirens, send emails and sms, web reports, etc.
This system is automatically controlled by the software that was written. We do not need to participate in this process (called automation).

For example, the temperature in the server room allows 25 – 30 degrees, at the time the temperature sensor measured the room temperature is 31 to 32 degrees, depending on the case you have installed, the siren will alarm, send emails and messages to alarm for personnel to adjust the temperature, or through the expansion IO module AT-IO8, the air conditioning unit will automatically turn on to reduce the temperature to a safe level.

This is really an effective server room monitoring and alarm system. Thanks to its usefulness, PLCpi is widely used in automation. You should learn about them so that we can begin to join the industrial revolution of 4.0!


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