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Giám sát nhiệt độ kho lạnh, giam sat nhiet do kho lanh


Based on PLCPi, We can generate a cold storage monitoring system. Just use a PLCPi for a cold storage – standalone device, but will need more if having more than one cold storage – network system.

In standalone device, the solution includes:

– One PLCPi cabinet

– Temperature sensors for collecting temperature value of many locations in cold storage.

– a Siren for local alarming

– 3G dongle for sending SMS and Email Alarm.

– PLCPi connects to SCADA for providing realtime data for SCADA system or it can directly log data into SQL data base for storing or making report.


he thong giam sat nhiet do kho lanh don le



The picture below is the network system

Each PLCPi controller plays a role of collecting temperature value and making local alarm  for each cold storage.

These PLCPis connect to LAN by wifi signal so that ATSCADA software in monitoring room can collect data from these and make central actions for the system: realtime data display, central alarm, sms, email, trend, report, …


he thong giam sat kho lanh mang luoi


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