iDriver Functions

The iDriver is a component that deserializes Tag file which was created from iTagBuilder,
and iDriver will connect to ATDriver Servers or OPC Servers to get realtime data and supply realtime data for ATSCADA Applications
These are iDriver,Task,Tag functions:

1.iDriver functions:

+ AddTask: Add a new task
+ ATDriverlist: include all ATDrivers which were added when creating tag file
+ Inherit: set the inheritance of iDriver, if Inherit = false, this iDriver is main Driver, else if Inherit =truethis iDriver inherits everything from main Driver

+ InternalTaskCollection: the list of internal tasks
+ InternalTaskCount: the number of internal task
+ RemoveTask: delete a task
+ TaskCollection: the list of external tasks
+ TaskCount: the number of external task

2.Task functions:

+ AddTag: Add a new tag
+ Driver: driver of task
+ RemoveTag: remove a tag
+ TagCollection: the list of tags

3.Tag functions:

+ Address: the address of tag
+ Status: the connection status of tag
+ Timestamp: timestamp at which event occured
+ Value: the value of tag

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