Training Courses in English

Table of Contents:

I. ATSCADA Architecture

1.  System architecture

2. Software architecture

II. ATSCADA Installation & ATSCADA features

1. ATSCADA installation guide

2. ATDriver introduction

3. iTagbuilder introduction

4. iDriver Component

5. ATSCADA tools

Realtime Tools: iTextBox, iLabel, ibutton, iInput, iStatus, iStatusFooter

Graphic Tools: iGraphic, iImageButton, iGauge, iHBar, iVBar, iMotion Picture, iRealtime Trend

Historical Tools: iDataLogger, iDataReporter, iHistorical Trend

Alarm Tools: iAlarmLogger, iAlarmReporter, iAlarmViewer, iEmail, iSMS

Authentication Tools: iLogin, iCreateUserAccount, iUpdateUserAccount

6. Auto ATDriver server reconnection and redundant ATDriver Server

III. ATSCADA Networking

1. Standalone Applications

2. LAN Distributed Applications

3. Internet Distributed Applications

IV. ATSCADA Advanced Programming (C#)

1. iDriver Functions

2. Tag Read/Write

3. Tag Events

4. Email, SMS programming

5. ATSCADA Custom Usercontrol programming

V. SCADA Case Studies

1. Example 01

2. Example 02

3. Example 03

4. Example 04


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Thank you.

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